Lisa and Sarah

omg i am such a dunce! so dd had a bday party here today and parents are stopping by to pick up the kids. i am talking to Rich, whom i know fairly well. we’ve had dinners together and such and then Sarah walks up. i know Sarah too! i feel like i know her … More Lisa and Sarah

Chaos and training

In the Wilhelm-Baynes version of the I-Ching is a brilliant foreword by the eminent psychologist Carl Jung. In it he describes our Western prejudices against anything that can’t be measured works against us when we look for help in the real world. If I may: …I can assure my reader that it is not altogether … More Chaos and training


1-13-17: my excitement about black canyon has turned to dread as I have developed some compartment-like nerve pain in my lower leg. It was just soreness that went away after warming up for the past couple of weeks so I was taking it easy and cutting way back on mileage and no speed work for … More OUCH!

Fat Glass 50k

…this was a different kind of race. Following the standard beer mile format stretched into a 50k there are six 5.2-mile loops. There is a drunk division and a sober division. To be in the drunk division and eligible for an overall podium finish you have to drink one pint of microbrew before each lap … More Fat Glass 50k

circle trail

  in 2014 i was signed up for my first 50 for the spring of 2015 and i was training hard for it. it was the Prescott circle trail race put on by a group called Solemates. i trained so hard i got a stress fracture but i still wanted to do the 50. it … More circle trail


i can fully trust the board now (the low dive on the east dock) but ive been having trouble remembering the moment between the time the diving board flings me up in the air and the moment i hit the water. it’s a blank…as if nothing happened during that time. now i know something happened … More diving


im not a monster really! i have a peaceful, empathetic soul and treat others with kindness every single day. but it seems like there is an army of folks who have some kind of damage and they are bitter, angry or withdrawn. lady at safeway, ive never seen you before so why do you judge … More Grendel