crazy lady

so today i was jogging down at green lake main path (counter-clockwise) and saw a man and a woman yelling at each other by the tennis courts. the man was yelling “get away from me!” and the woman was apparently doing some kind of hex with her hands. i stopped to listen. the woman wouldnt … More crazy lady

no marathon?

how i am feeling about MP? bad. very bad. the amount of effort required for me to run MP right now is only a little bit less than HMP. i think it acually has something to do with cadence and my stride mechanics. there is something that kicks in around 7:30 that hasnt kicked in … More no marathon?

Lisa and Sarah

omg i am such a dunce! so dd had a bday party here today and parents are stopping by to pick up the kids. i am talking to Rich, whom i know fairly well. we’ve had dinners together and such and then Sarah walks up. i know Sarah too! i feel like i know her … More Lisa and Sarah

Chaos and training

In the Wilhelm-Baynes version of the I-Ching is a brilliant foreword by the eminent psychologist Carl Jung. In it he describes our Western prejudices against anything that can’t be measured works against us when we look for help in the real world. If I may: …I can assure my reader that it is not altogether … More Chaos and training