Capitol Peak 30K

2 days before the race we got an email indicating no headphones allowed and i was ready to dns after already dropping to the shorter distance. i wrote the RD and told him:
feedback FYI, you should publish all event rules and restrictions on the signup page rather than 2 days before the event. i understand race directors can make any rules they like but it’s not fair to the runners to get surprises race week. i like to wear earphones when i run. it’s part of the joy of running for me and makes the experience more fulfilling because i suffer from chronic tinnitus and i do not wear noise cancelling headphones and can hear everything around me. i understand i am the exception and also understand your reasoning for the rule, however i should have had access to this information prior to signing up…HTH for next time. -alan
RD replied right away: Thanks for the feedback, I should have said we discourage headphones. We don’t give any one grief if they wear them.
It was good to clear that up. On a fast distance i want my music and wont apologize for it. I am not blasting it on one of those annoying speakers and I can always hear around me and am always courteous on the trail = run with me, dont judge me!
i was originally signed up for the 50 miler. i had a race a month but because of a dns at black canyon (rib fx) and using race credit to run whiskey i just didnt think it would be fun to run a 50 two weeks after another one…but after i made that decision i realized that in a way a 25k on trails could be more perilous. as always a race-day decision to go for it or take it easy.
the course is in a state forest tree farm/partially devastated forest. a clearcut patchwork but most of the trails stay in the woods and are nicely carved by mt bikes and the clearcuts are fun to run across before the yellow jackets and heat in summer. it also included about 3 miles of road and a short steep gnarly jeep trail up to the peak.
i ran pretty hard but wearing the HR strap i could see where i was near vo2 max (170) so that helped but it turns out i ran a couple extra miles. when i finished the RD was talking to some runners about a misdirection that sent a bunch of us on a longer course. apparently a volunteer sent most of the runners on the 50M course where the 25k was supposed to take a shortcut. no wonder the finish line seemed to never come! i was ready for it at 16 miles and then kinda stopped looking at my watch and just figured it would apprear eventually or i would pop out on a road or highway (and maybe get a ride back with some mtb’ers or something ) and to just keep on pushing. anyway i was glad to hear it wasnt just me who went extra miles but it does take the fun out of competing when the course changes for some and not others. i hope this doesn’t get in my craw. seems to have just a little, but at least we ended up at the finish. it could have been a lot worse!
otherwise really enjoyed this one but it was also very hard. i took so many rest breaks at whiskey i forgot what it’s like to not rest at all. it’s tough! i was pushing it with the knee but feeling good right now and may look for more hopefully fair contests of similar distance/climbing in the future!
strava showing 18.58M 3:08 10:09 avg pace 3355′ vert. almost 30k. i wonder how they will post results. i need my US rankkng to go down so that their targets are more reasonable although if i had actually run the proper course i may have reached it for the first time!
another interesting thing that happened was the race website and the map indicated over 11,000 feet of climbing for the 50 miler. looking at Lena’s run of the 50 yesterday showing 7523. i also saw another Strava from the past indicating 8000. that’s a big discrepancy and it dissuaded me from the 50. i imagined it was designed to keep newbs away but after a brief conversation with RD after it turns out it was just very accurately measured. like every single little bump! he said he doesn’t want to misrepresent anything so he got it as accurate as possible. hmmm. he must be an engineer. i started to suggest that other races don’t do that but then stopped wishing that other races had accurate measurements and also too tired to argue. oh well. on to the rest of spring and summer. next up needles 50k with 9500′ of vert! i wonder if accurately measure it’s 15,000? oh crap. i want to do a flat 100 in sept.

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