dropped from 50M to 25k

My original plan was to run the Capitol Peak 50 6 weeks after Chuckanut but i had planned running black canyon in february and broke a rib so aravaipa gave me race credit and all stars aligned for doing whiskey basin but it is 2 weeks before capitol peak. normally i like at least a month between these things and i am worried another 50 now might ruin my summer. i had intended that if i was able to finish whiskey and cp i would sign up for hamster and try for 100 again in sept. but the more i think about it the more i think i should try at hamster regardless and take it easier and have more fun (and maybe get stronger?) if i dont get hurt, which is likely. also the ultrasignup page and the map indicate 11000′ of cllimbing but the website says 6700. that’s a huge discrepancy so i emailed and rd says it’s 11000. plus when i was running whiskey i was a little frustrated to be on such sweet fastly-runnable trails only to be stuck in shuffle mode. i’d like to have the freedom to take on a climb more intensely or maybe just go a little faster and not have to wear a pack with maybe one handheld if its cool but not worry about anyone else unless i am coming in hot and they are in my way. i could do 25k’s of fartleks. i just want to have some fun running and not be stuck in shuffle mode. actually 25k seems perfect. ive only raced a non-ultra trail race once and that was only 8k and i took a wrong turn and got very annoyed cos i was doing quite well up to that point. the biggest problem is that i am not trained for this at all. ive been shuffling and walking mostly trying to heal this knee…but it didnt bother me at all at whiskey and i did take some descents at least moderately so idk. maybe the decider is that it starts at 9 instead of 6. looking at the map it looks to be at least 90 min away and i love running trails but not so damned early. i should save that shit for maybe a couple times a year at most. so Lena i’m sorry but you might have ended up dragging me to the finish of the 50 and i dont want to ruin your day and i really want you to crush it! …um not crush or conquer…what’s a good word? run it sweetly, with focus and form, with agility and strength!

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