Whiskey Basin 88k 4-13-2019

I was originally signed up for Black Canyon 100k but then I broke a rib and Aravaipa was kind enough to give me credit for a different race. I did this one last year and know these trails well.
Met up with George from the online running group who was kind enough to have dinner with my family and I got decent (not great) sleep the night before. A few hours anyway and then up at 3:30 and out the door at 4:30 for a 5am start. About 32 degrees at the start and i was layered but still shivering and anxious to get going. The first few miles were uneventful and I was sticking to my plan of taking it very easy in the 11:00 pace range. I have another 50 miler in two weeks and having two more or less all-out 50k’s under my belt this year I am done racing for the year and trying for more endurance-type challenges so feeling my heart was the main goal for the day. I was going to wear the HR strap but it would have been very uncomfortable under the vest..but i trust i can feel when it gets up around 140 and it does that very easily at altitide. The race is between 5000′ and 7000′. Again i arrived at exactly the worst time frame to adjust (2 days before) but that’s something i had no control over and still be able to vacation with my family. Anyway taking it easy.
Yes taking it easy, chatting a little, fixing trampled flags and picking up a little trash. Sticking to more complex food in the morning. Salami, trail butter, pb& j. But my stomach was uneasy. I think part of that is the altitude. I get bloated with air like that bag of chips in your car when you drive up to the mountains so i was kinda staying away from others runners a little too if you get my *drift*. I was happy that my knee wasnt bothering me (I had taken one aleve at the start) and by mile 18 or so i really started to feel good. My legs kinda kicked in so I had a good 25 miles of consistency, but after that we were up high and climbing a lot and my HR started getting too high too easily so at that point I knew i needed to mitigate my effort even though my legs were still feeling good. I was taking a lot of ‘old man breaks’ from here on and at mile 37 I took a long 30 minute break to meet up with my Brother who brought my drop bag, a sanwich and espresso and my Cousin who paced me for the last 20 miles. At 70 degrees in the sun it felt hot in the afternoon but not stifling. Just not used to it. And all the salt+ water had me bloated looking like i was pregnant. It was fun running with James the rest of the way even though i was stopping a lot my legs felt good and I had zero cramping! At one point I ran about 800m on a nice gentle downhill in the 7’s just to stretch my legs but otherwise it was shuffle, walk, shuffle, continue. Finished at 13:46:33. 56/94 finishers AG 9/16. An hour and a half slower than last year but Just where I wanted to be. Now what do i do now with another 50 in ..ten days? i guess it’ll be simultaneous recovery and taper! Photo 2 is James sweeping the course the next day!

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