What happened to the city I once loved?

Dear Mayor, Interim Mayor or Whom it may concern, I have been waiting to write because ive been waiting for a new mayor that perhaps can be trusted? Now that it seems we aren’t getting one any time soon so I’ll just write to this office. I live in North Seattle in the Greenwood neighborhood and my neighborhood has become a haven for theives, drug abusers and homeless self-medicated mentally ill people. I live right behind where there used to be a Walgreens store at 8701 Greenwood Ave N. Walgreens vacated the property almost a year ago and the site as become a homeless camp, drug deal site, open latrine and garbage dump. Several times crews have come out to do a very shoddy job of cleaning up the site. Once they even had a leaf blower who blew all the garbage into the alley and into my and my neighbor’s yards. This site has attracted a lot of scary people and every day it’s something. One day when I was bringing my then 10 year old daughter home from school we had to stop the car because there was a man with his pants down shooting up into his crotch blocking access to our driveway…and the propery and alley are littered with used needles! On several occasions drunks are passed out by my gate or in my driveway. Once I almost ran one over backing out! At least once per week I have to clean up human feces in my backyard (3 times in the past week!). Last week there was a man sleeping on my property on the alley-side of my back fence. I let him lie there just asking him to please don’t throw trash around because I have to clean it up. When he later awoke he went into a full-on schizophrenic fit screaming obscenities frightening my daughter…and me! Every night there are drunks and tweakers and junkies in the dark alley (which City Light refuses to illuminate) yelling and cursing. My child is growing up afraid to sleep in her own room! Yesterday after dropping her off at her bus stop I caught a man in my front yard with a hacksaw about to cut down some of my most rare & precious bamboo plants! We have had break-ins and mail stolen and all sorts of petty crimes. People are dealing drugs out in the open in the alley. Having some city agency drive by once and look is not going to help. We need to do something about vacant properties that attract this sort of thing. Please, please do something! Our fine city is turning into a trash heap and no one seems to care! I have written to the city council on numerous occasions only to have my messages forwarded to agencies that drive by once and make a report of “nothing seen” and that’s it! I am tired of calling the cops on a weekly basis and I dont like being afraid to walk in my own neighborhood and i am feeling more and more militant about protecting my property and my family! My wife and I have worked very hard our entire lives just to have enough money to have a home and a yard and now it feels like it is under siege! I’ve been jokingly calling it the zombie apocalypse, but seriously sometimes it really feels like that!


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