thoughts on downhills

in this video by Karl Meltzer and Scott Mason i like the way he describes it as “levitating”. i always try to do that…or is that the ultra shuffle? there must be a certain amount of instinct here too…or at least the kind of deep memory from experience as a child. downhills burn my quads just as much as anyone but i almost never fall and always wear light weight shoes. i do have a sequence i go through. it’s kind of a ‘first brake a little (but only enough to feel the muscles i will need) to get the feel, then loosen’. i also like to practice my balance and agility even on flats. in the city this is easy and a lot of fun. it seems like everyone is always running on the flattest, safest ground possible but sometimes i like to pretend it’s parkour. even at greenlake there are places where there are curbs, roots and all sorts of uneven ground to “levitate” over. one of my faves is the wall next to the lake. one misstep and i am in the water! there are all kinds of things you can practice on for balance.


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