1-13-17: my excitement about black canyon has turned to dread as I have developed some compartment-like nerve pain in my lower leg. It was just soreness that went away after warming up for the past couple of weeks so I was taking it easy and cutting way back on mileage and no speed work for the past two weeks but yesterday at work I developed some compartment-like nerve pain. I was just walking at lunch and occasionally when I lifted my leg (taking weight off) it would zing like an ice pick in the leg. Very local very sharp pain. It happened on and off all day at work yesterday and when I laid down to sleep last night it would still occasionally zing me. I happen to work with a podiatrist and saw him. He tapped on my tibia and does not think it is a stress reaction or fx but agrees it’s probably inflammation affecting the nerve that runs through there. He told me to take ibuprofen for a few days. I took two advil yesterday to get through the work day but it had no effect (which I what led me to call it compartment-like pain). I have been thinking a lot about what Mark said about taking a few days off instead of cutting back which is what I will do now but the pain increases when I am working and not running. I know it is freaking weird but I am not totally convinced it’s from running because ive been digging a lot lately with heavy work boots on chopping through a lot of frozen ground with the shovel. Ill stop doing that too for now.

update 1-15-17

i took a total of 3 days off running (although i was on my feet all day) and no more wearing the work boots or digging. went for an easy 5-mile jog today with no pain. my intention was to immediately stop if i felt any pain but it did not return. I could feel the location of where the pain was before but only after the run. i am thinking that perhaps the nerve that runs along the inner lower leg gets piched by the soleus when it moves up upon relaxing the leg after a load and i just needed for the inflammation to go down. i will start trying to get my mileage back up but all easy stuff for now

update 1-19-17

was gradually increasing length and intensity this week. was fine until yesterday. did what felt like an easy 12. my body felt so good i kept inching faster but a few times when i got into the 8’s i could feel the leg again but just very mild so i slowed down and it dissipated. i could still feel it very mild in the evening. had a salt bath. today is a ‘rest’ day but will be on my feet all day at work 10+ hours


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