Carkeek 6-Hour 2016

results: 28.95 miles. 1st AG, 1st pm start, 4th OA

This event has 3 races. A 12-hour from 6am to 6pm, a 6-hour from 6 am to noon and anothe 6-hour from noon to 6pm. I had done this race twice before knowing well that a noon start time is perfect for me as I can start warm and well fueled.

Waiting for start time on a cool rainy day i was chatting with some other runners, each of whom offered some excuse to not perform as well as they could. Im the last one who would want to encourage any injury but i am getting a little tired of all the excuses. As far as i know it is supposed to be a race…but i had no one to race. During the event I kinda knew who was behind me but when i started lapping everyone it became a race for a personal best. OK fine. The weather started out rainy and gradually dried out. My worst fear physically was slipping and falling in the mud but it never happened. I slid a few times but was able to easily stay upright even in my road shoes. I think if i can run this event in road shoes i can run anything in road shoes. I wore shorts but was working so hard my knees stayed warm. I stopped at the aid station each lap as planned for less than one minute to get whatever i needed and make sure they marked my lap. Hey im working hard out there and just want to be sure it gets marked down! After about ten laps i set a goal of 15 laps…not quite a personal best but good enough. As time went by the goal started to slip away but after lap 12 for the first time ever,i drank a red bull (yesterday i read the Ultrarunner interview with Meltzer and saw he drank a lot of those in his FKT of the Appalachian Tral this year), the RD got a photo and i was off. I gotta say it was nasty but also gave me a boost and i hauled ass those final laps to get in 15.

Later, after posting my result on strava some folks told me that Ginger Runner was there. I kinda know who that is but all the young guys have the same beard so i would not have reconized him but he was running the 12. It’s nice if this race gets some props but i hope it doesnt get too big. These are my local trails after all.

All in all i felt good the whole race and didnt cramp at all and feeling pretty good the day after. I am proud of what i have been able to achieve and feel stronger than i have ever been. I am thankful for this race because it is inexpensive and very close to home and I can run it as a sort of very hard trainer and check on my legs to see what they can do.

They also had costumes again and if you run at least one lap in costume you are eligible for prizes. Not that i care too much about prizes but i like to run in costume so i donned my Buckethead getup but apparently there were no musicians present so no one recognized it…except the photographer.



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