100k training plan

I understand that ultimately the best way to train for more distance is logging more miles in training. That said, what’s the next-best thing? I’d like to stay healthy for race day after all…and with work, family time, etc there is a time factor as well. If I can keep up a 50MPW schedule and maybe stretch it to 60 or 70 some weeks and if i can manage a 50k here and there but how can i push myself into that mental zone replicating some of the things that can happen in a 100k race? Here’s what i have planned (and have been doing)

 add in cycling &/or swimming and bricks. this can help me to lose some weight without pushing my miles too much running hopefully preventing injury. the cycling can also get me to work and back in a world choked with cars. the bricks are just tough, esp trying to get my running legs back after cycling but that’s good for the mental.

 eat more veggies and try to get to 170lbs or less while allowing myself as much beer as i like and take care to keep the kale growing so that i can at least have one daily supplement of something i know what it’s grown in.

 mixing up training. not only weekly but mixing it up day to day too. put drills in the middle of workouts. run fast and slow. do intervals, fartleks and hills. sometimes on the same day and do them on a variety of terrain: trails, concrete and roads. push myself from day to day. give myself a break sometimes but not as much as before. think about form and focus on form every single time I think about it

 a couple of things i was doing when i got injured that i haven’t done since are ice and omeprazole. be your own judge here because it is just a hunch in both cases but i feel a lot better recovery-wise without both. when i got the stress fracture i had been taking omeprazole for heartburn. it works great but there is some limited evidence that it does have an effect on calcium uptake as the acid in your stomach plays a role here. also i dont ice anymore. i take warm salt baths sometimes for recovery and try to increase profusion, not limit it. now if it were a more serious reason to reduce inflammation i would consider ice but under current wear and tear i want to only help my natural healing process along, not inhibit it.

and stretching! I forgot stretching! stretch mid run. it’s not a race it’s a training run. stretch mid run and hold that stretch for 15s or more. easy does it but stretch. and stretch right after when still limber. stretch and roll after. roll the calves, ankles, legs and hips. get the adductors, hammies, glutes quads etc. get the piriformis, it band and ql! stay loose while running too. keep those shoulders loose and fluidly hinged. listen to some funky music and dance a little. groove to loosen the neck and shoulders. imagine it’s an Ethiopian dance party!




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