circle trail



in 2014 i was signed up for my first 50 for the spring of 2015 and i was training hard for it. it was the Prescott circle trail race put on by a group called Solemates. i trained so hard i got a stress fracture but i still wanted to do the 50. it was 12 weeks out and i thought i had a chance to come back if i actively healed. it didnt turn out that way but i still was going to walk it since there was a very generous cutoff. then the rd pulled the plug on the race. he just cancelled it and gave everyone their entry fee back. i already had plane tickets! oh well. since it was in Prescott i just went anyway (and ended up getting food poisoning so the race would have been a bust for me anyway)…but i was really looking forward to it for about 6 months. it was to be on the newly marked (partially by me) prescott circle trail. i have been coming here to visit my folks for about 30 years now and i know all those trails and have hiked most of them with my dad who writes trail guides. i used to hike and mountain bike on them but now i run them. i have also watched a lot of these trails disappear into the greedy hands of developers. little private estates out where coyotes and javelina dont give a fuck about the gate. i only do because all these transplants have guns and think they are john wayne.

anyway i was out for a run here yesterday on a pretty little trail that runs a ravine and over a hill right in between some of these “developments” but the trail feels very wild because of all the granite boulders that hide the view. i posted some images on strava and one of my friends on there mentioned he was running a race in prescott next year. i wondered which race. it could be the man vs horse. this is a race i’d like to do where you race horses and you can enter as man or horse. i believe it run a major net gain. prehaps 10k or more for the 50. or there is the whiskey row marathon. or perhaps, i wondered if he was going to run the black canyon which starts in mayer which is kind close to prescott…in arizona terms anyway. he replied back “whiskey basin”. hmmm. i havent heard of that one so i looked it up and there it was. the fucking circle trail course and they have already run one in 2016! wtf? why didnt i know about this? i was pissed! i immediately sent an email to aravapai to tell them they should have let me know since i got dumped by the other company. i know it wasn’t Aravapai’s fault and wasn’t reaqlly mad at anyone in particular (except perhaps myself). i did receive a very gracious reply right away. they they did not have access to the Solemates’ email list and tried their best to inform through social media. they even had a replacement run for anyone they could get a hold of. they also offered me a discount on the entry fee for 2017. i am a little embarrassed and impressed by Aravapai. I have heard a lot of good things about them and have wanted to run one of their races for years. a big thanks to Hayley at Aravapai. now i have a new goal.


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