Mt Si 50k 2016 prep & race report


50k race on Sunday so t’s a pretty soft taper i think. Sun 9.0, Mon 9.3, Tues 7.4, Wed 6.9, Thurs off, Fri 5.3 and tomorrow probably either nothing or just a couple of miles and then some strides. i dont want to hard taper and part of that is nutritional. i can eat better after i run. i get a better appetite for fresh things too like the kale in my greenhouse and i can get a big blender full of smoothie without any reflux (which happens if i don’t run for some reason) and i can take more sugar without feeling ill from it. been dealing with an abdominal strain though. it’s something that must have happened more than a month ago because i was feeling it a little in the 6 hour cottontail. it was ok after but then i started doing 200’s again and it came back more uncomfortably. i wasnt totally sure it wasnt a hernia or apednicitis so i did see a dr and he re-assured me that it was probably muscular…and my foot is bugging me too a little. it’s the extensors on top of the right foot…but hey i am NOT making excuses! just saying what’s going on. i want to nail this race. now that i have done 50 miles i should be able to go back and perform better at 50k. i have run this course already so i know what to expect. very gradual uphill for 15 miles and then gradual downhill for 15. here’s my tack: i need to warm up and that takes a couple of miles at least so i’ll give myself around a 10 pace for at least a mile. ill mostly go by feel but give myself 9’s if i need them until mile 15. then i want to try and turn it on more. with a gradual downhill i’d like to save something for that so if all goes to plan i should be passing many in the second half. my previous time 2 years ago was 5:40 but i didnt have any experience then so i’m going to crush that at least. i was thinking 5:10 but now i want to put an “A” goal at 4:50. any bets?



 raced the Mt Si 50k yesterday final result 4:29:05. there isn’t a whole lot to report about the course, just that it’s the longest and most gradual incline/decline you can imagine on a rails-to-trails old railroad grade of gravel on top of packed earth. not much of a trail, more like a dirt road. since the weather was going to be cool upper 40’s /low 50’s and possibly rainy and aid stations 5 miles apart i opted for just one handheld which was just right amount of hydration and my waist belt held everything else i needed. i wanted to do water at one station, then electrolyte, then water like that chugging coke if they had it. after ten miles i started eating what i was carrying. i slowly ate the large size espresso flavor trail butter (excellent!) and two clif banana/mango which lightened up my belt a lot. i also ate 400mg of advil to get my right foot extensors to calm down. wow that helped a ton! perhaps ibuprophen should be considered illegal in races! i also ate 2 s caps. this was all probably enough nutrition for the rest of the race but i tried to eat the salted potatoes at the turnaround and ended up aspirating and coughing a lot for a mile or so and tossed the uneaten potatoes into the brush. i also peed once when i thought no one was behind me, and of course there was. …and i ate one ginger chew when i felt like i might barf. no sign of tummy trouble after that. I wore the same thing the whole race. HH long sleeve compression under a waterproof vest (sleeves removed), shorts, aforementioned UD Jurek Essential race belt, handheld bottle holder thingy, balega socks and a pair of my beloved original hoka cliftons. no probs at all with any of the gear. love it! also used my cowon I-9 player and listened to a playlist of Zorn’s book of angels series and then switched to playlist “miles & herbie funk” for the last ten miles.

my pace was faster than i had planned for the entire race. consistently working in the 8’s i was worried about having gone out too fast the first half but after the turnaround and that long gradual descent i just kept pushing the same effort level and was dropping into the high 7’s a lot, which served to get me pumped even more (thank you speed work!). i walked a few times to chug water but otherwise just kept on listening to my body asking ‘injury?’. ‘no, just tired’. ‘then keep pushing!’. the people on the course helped a lot too. there was a relay going on at the same time and there were a few places where the relay teams were waiting at the exchange points. each time i passed them they all cheered me on! i chatted with a couple of the ones who were running and they helped me maintain a good pace and rhythm. one told me they were monitoring my race and rooting for me!!! omg. pretty girls rooting for me always make me feel happy! so anyway at the turnaround i saw a guy (Dave) after the turnaround about my age who made a funny look and a shrug and i knew he was on my tail which also helped me to push the pace. he caught me when i started flagging at about mile 29 and it also started raining but i wasn’t upset at all because i could tell he was a lot stronger but i did try to keep up with him until he just took off. it was also the first time i got passed by someone in the same race and I actually passed no one! another thing i was thinking about at that time was how the hell i was going to break 4:30. i know i was going to have to maintain what i was doing so in that respect trying top keep up with Dave ended up helping me a lot! with about 1/2 mile to go there is a section of road and there was a lot of traffic. i was worn out and it was a little scary because there was no shoulder and cars were whizzing past…and then suddenly there was also another 50k’er right behind me! a couple of volunteers made some confusing gestures at a crosswalk and i heard them telling the lady behind me to pass me. i yelled “come on!”, waved her up and then checked to see how my legs were feeling with a big kick for the last 100 meters or so. when i started to race i heard her mumble something (probably not polite) and i hit the finish a few seconds in front of her where another volunteer made a confusing gesture and i had to go back and step over the finish line on the correct side of the cone. age before beauty!

at the finish i had to hang around for about 90 minutes waiting for my drop bag i never used so i got a 15 minute massage, which was funny because since it meant i had to stop moving i was shivering and they put this bulbous bag of warm water on me but it wouldn’t stay on and they were discussing how to deploy it so i snapped a little saying “dont bother, i am fine!” and got up. the massage felt good though and i also saw 2 people i knew! it was great to see Anna because she used to babysit my DD and she is in college now and doing really well! i will write to the RD later about the unsafe section of road.

unofficial time 4:29:05. overall 6th place. age group 2nd, masters 3rd

today the day after i feel pretty good! one of my toes is all black and blue but otherwise all is ok! guess i’ll just wait for the doms. I don’t want to brag and ill have to stop myself because I feel really proud of myself this time. I went back and crushed that old mid-pack time by at least 70 minutes! OA 6th, AG 2nd, Masters 3rd.

i carried everything in the image except the wet wipes.




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