speed and distance


i apologize for not posting much lately. most of my training has been sandwiched in between races and it seems lately i have been still recovering somewhat even when it’s time to think about tapering again. since January, if all works out i will have done 4 ultras in five months: a January 50 miler, a 6 hour in March, a 50k in April and a 7 hour in May. this is sort of a test. i dont take the idea of a 100 miler lightly but feel like if i can get through these races alright a 100 could be possible. but like i always said about (not having climbed) mt ranier, i want to be able to enjoy the experience.

but i am thinking about after May. there really isnt anything on the calendar for summer and i’d like to try something different. i’d like to see where i can get my mile time. i dont want to turn it into an obsession but ive been going to the track lately and enjoying it. speed work is so crucial for all distances and it’s such a mental boost. it’s almost a trick really. a way to trick your mind and body. one thing that i have been doing, since the track is about three miles away, is to run to the track easy and then do a bunch of 200’s. half a lap easy then half a lap hard. ill do this a few times and then run back down to the lake for a jog and the funniest thing happens. not only am i not too tired to jog after the speed work but when i feel like i am doing an easy 9 minute pace, ill look at my watch and see i am running 8’s or even mid 7’s! it seems that it takes a push and some strides to get my body into a better form and when i do the short intervals i can find that groove without getting worn out…and afterwards i feel springy and light. i know that speed is dangerous at my age which is another reason for the shorties but hey at least it’s something. so after these spring races, when i can recover properly, i’d like to do a lot more track stuff and string these little ones together to get a good mile. anyway for now i am looking at a 50k that i did two years ago with zero experience, some ridiculous gear (like a poncho, backpack and a ton of food), crappy shoes, itbs and taking way too many breaks not caring at all about my finish time. i have to go back there really to just see what i can do against that (5:40) and hopefully go sub 5 this time. not sure how to pace it but the “by feel” seems to be working well for me so…


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