loves my city!

pretty nice 20 miler today. let me tell you about it. after dropping off DD at school i got on my gear and headed over to golden gardens and shilshoal. on the way i saw a new mj shop that was in a building that had been one thing or another for years. it’s the place called checkers on 85th and 3rd. curious how it would effect my run i stopped in for an edible. all cool with caramel i continued west towards the sea. WS Burroughs wisdom penetrates my brain with a seriously subsonic downbeat: “the road to the western lands is devious. unpredictable. today’s easy passage could be tomorrow’s death-trap” and “the obvious road is almost always a fool’s road”. so down the steps and along the beach path and after a visit to Leif and the memorial for all the Scandinavian Settlers that came to the PNW i was feeling good so decided to go over to discovery park where there are some trails and shoreline. knowing by then this would be a long run day i stopped by seven hills to get some clif baby food and trail butter. i feel a little embarrassed going in there after trying some shoes and then returning them (i did spend the refund in the store though) but they have water!…the trails at magnolia are nice and so is the lady at the shop but the coffee place next to it was closed (and that guy makes great espresso). anyway running in magnolia i was jumping on anything that looked like a game trail and benches and rails and drift logs and stuff. a big fat bunny rabbit let me get close…and made me a little hungry. down on the shore it was gorgeous. cloudy but no rain. one of those days when you can really taste the freshness of the breeze coming over the sound. i still gotta say that the original cliftons are the best at shedding water. it helps me so much to be able to cool my feet off without worrying about slogging the next couple of miles in sodden shoes. i think i know now a great place to go now when the tide isnt low enough for carkeek to golden gardens but just around 0 it’s nice and flat off south beach at magnolia. coming back i was jogging along in ballard and spotted a neon coffee cup, leaned in and asked if they had espresso and ended up having a very nice lunch, seved by someone who turned out to be one of the people id been following on strava. that was cool. i am happy to be enthusiastic enough still that a little more running conversation is always welcome! so i headed on down to fremont. whenever i am near i like to visit the statue of Sri Chinmoy. i dont know a ton about him but i do know that he was a very loving and compassionate soul and has some important lessons for people. his foundation still runs races and they have the seven hour race that was one of my first ultras and which helped get me hooked. he was a runner until he had an injury and then became a weightlifter, but was very into what is called self-transcendence. anyway i touched his sleeve and continued on. a little up the hill there is a record shop called jive time. i used to go in there a lot but having a kid changes one’s priorities. anyway i got a cd and and shirt and the shopkeeper RJ remembered me. its nice to be remembered and treated well by someone. everyone going around treating everyone else like they will somehow do them wrong if they are kind turns the world to shit. sorry to say it. i want to get a t shirt that says: “i am not the source of your damage so leave me out of it” but I guess that’s kind-of-the-same-thing isn’t it? i mean when we are bitter and unkind it reflects back right to us instant karma mirror. over time it can make people permanently bitter all the time not realizing what happened…and young people? don’t get me started! oh ok that’s the same thing again. haha. better be nice to everyone. a brief conversation with the other shopkeeper (i didnt get his name) and in parting we both agreed that the new york ethic can stay over there. on and up the hill still feeling really good! i like the fremont hill. not too steep to run and just the right slope. on and on back to green lake and then up aurora towards home. i stopped by the pcc to see if they had any hemp oil on sale and they did. i told the korean check-out lady “it’s good for your tummy” and she asked me: “hmm. what is hemp?”. this is one of those times when surge of information comes into my mind and i have to hold back. “it’s realated to marijuana” i said and she said “MARIJUANA?!!” and jumped back a little like i had said hail satan or lunged at her or something. haha. anyway after that all the info i was holding back came out in one long run-on sentence about the cotton and paper industries and the insanely stupid hemp prohibition. ok back home for a quick shower and off to pick up little miss DD. waiting for the school bell shooting baskets (as usual) it suddenly dawned on me. there were about 100 or so other parents out there all waiting for their kids and none of them were doing anything active except for me just shooting hoops after running 20 miles. wtf is wrong people?

20.8M 9:21avg pace, 1280 vert


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