loves my city!

pretty nice 20 miler today. let me tell you about it. after dropping off DD at school i got on my gear and headed over to golden gardens and shilshoal. on the way i saw a new mj shop that was in a building that had been one thing or another for years. it’s the place … More loves my city!

runner smile

it’s funny how much talk there is about how running must be miserable because runners look miserable and don’t smile. look: if i am going under 11 minutes per mile then maybe i can keep my mouth closed long enough to smile, but 95% of the time i am trying run get as much air … More runner smile


i put one of those oil-filled space heaters in my greenhouse on top of some bricks, set it on low and the kale started last summer has more than doubled it’s output. there is nothing like fresh kale. the stuff at the store is nothing like it, not even the farmer’s market! when you grow it and … More nutrition