i have been extolling DB for most of my adult life but almost always met with either disapproval or a shrug: “oh yea, i like his old stuff”. idiots! ingrates! did they LISTEN? have they really listened to anything? …ever? now in this age of all me all the time. in this age where everyone is constantly trying to sell themselves like a better soap i dont suppose anyone CAN listen! well, all i have to say is fuck that! fucking listen, the band is fantastic! “but i don’t get it. what is it supposed to mean?” there is obvious intent and humor but it means what it means and hopefully a little something different to everyone. what does A-sharp mean? what is the meaning of a fucking river? open up and let something in you self-righteous fucking grouch. do you think all that trash that was written about music is worth a damn? just relax and enjoy something, it’s like a dream!

something happened on the day he died
spirit rose a meter then stepped aside
somebody else took his place and bravely cried
im a blackstar
im a blackstar

 ya no shit David. only an Earthling would say that eh? who came into me when i died? because i am not of this Earth either.

i got the CD today and played it. after three repeats of Lazarus i am part of the wall. why does he do this? a masterpiece in the middle. i know the rest of it will grow on me, just like Next Day…and most of his later work really. i know it’s all new musicians this time but i do trust him because he always delivers. ya someone i can trust. this guy. this old man. this free man. the new killer star.

I can’t give everything away


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