so i just bought the new altra olympus shoes and after about ten miles of up and down trails i can say i am disappointed. the guy at seven hills was really selling them to me well because i told him i was addicted to my original version hoka cliftons. when i tell people that i dont see how any trail shoe could be better they always say “wait until you feel the grip”. well my tryouts in the new olympus are on anything but dry, flat ground and it must be the way i run because i dont feel it. i mean i dont slip much in the cliftons anyway and they shed water better than anything but it was my bday money so wth. anyway they are a big disappointment really. they are nice and cushy like the instincts but the guy at the store said they had more of a positive drop feel than other altras. when i run in them i just feel like i am doing a lot more work. they dont bounce like the cliftons and if grip was a consolation i guess it just doent make a big difference to me. i am running on mud on grades roughly about 500 feet per mile and dont notice it…and they are terrible on the pavement. in the end they just feel like i have a couple of tortoises strapped to my feet. now i am feeling more than ever i want to snatch up more pairs of old cliftons.



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