the gait of power

when i was in college i was fascinated by the writings of Carlos Castaneda. he wrote about his experiences in Mexico with a Yaqui Shaman. one of the things he wrote about was what he called the “gait of power” where he would be running through the desert at night effortlessly and without using his conscious senses. i knew of this and have practiced it from time to time and can even offer an enhancement. when using one’s eyes at night-something to do with rods and cones your photo receptors in the eyes- you can make objects out better in the periphery of your vision, not looking straight at what you want to see. now in the case of running you might think this would cause a neck-ache for looking straight down, but keeping one’s eyes up one can better see the ground passing in the lower periphery. i was thinking about it this evening because there are some short sections of trail near where i live that are almost pitch-dark at night and i can once again test out this gait of power. ive been jumping over into the dark places to sharpen my senses and to feel myself moving over land in another way. i know there is every chance i could land on my face but that can happen in broad daylight!

7394 rome alright


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