Winter Break

not really a break per se but i was thinking again about Morelock’s sentiment about winter as a time to take it easy. to reduce effort and take time. “The days are shorter, the air colder, the sky grayer. Everything else is slowing down…” however, being contrarian in all ways i questioned the logic. i mean it’s a lot harder to run in the heat…no? in the Fall of 2014 i surmised that a break in the summer would be better and headed into the winter with peaking mileage and effort…well my brilliance led to a stress fracture barely into the season. now it’s a year later and that nagging pain, that pinging in the flexors that run up the inner tibia is getting worse like an alarm reminding me again of the sage advice: “Believing in rest, its need and its benefits, is not easy for us.” i have dialed it back this year…all year. i still ran a race schedule of distances between 3 and 38 miles but have kept my weekly mileage roughly between 30 and 50 miles. now I need to consider “active rest”. more easy days. but it’s only seven weeks until the 50… and that’s all the more reason!



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