so i just bought the new altra olympus shoes and after about ten miles of up and down trails i can say i am disappointed. the guy at seven hills was really selling them to me well because i told him i was addicted to my original version hoka cliftons. when i tell people that … More olympus

the gait of power

when i was in college i was fascinated by the writings of Carlos Castaneda. he wrote about his experiences in Mexico with a Yaqui Shaman. one of the things he wrote about was what he called the “gait of power” where he would be running through the desert at night effortlessly and without using his … More the gait of power

Winter Break

not really a break per se but i was thinking again about Morelock’s sentiment about winter as a time to take it easy. to reduce effort and take time. “The days are shorter, the air colder, the sky grayer. Everything else is slowing down…” however, being contrarian in all ways i questioned the logic. i … More Winter Break