green lake

sorry ive been absent from this blog lately. call it writer’s block…or perhaps i am just trying to gather material which has been sparse. i hope everyone is getting chances to go outside in all kinds of weather. i have been running down at the lake a lot lately. last tuesday i ran down there during some intense 50mph winds. the big storm we had in august took off most of the brittle stuff so i though it was a good chance to get a different kind of workout without too much fear. i was watching for cracks in the ground (tree roots coming up = tree coming down) and flying debris. it felt good to me running head on into it, kind of like dragging the sled except that the resistance is much more smooth than the rubberized mats at the gym. a branch did land hard on the ground about ten feet from me but it was small and probably would not have killed me.

i went down there yesterday to find a big 5k/10k race just about to start. i was going to register but it was $45 so i asked the guy if anyone cared if i raced without registering. he said something like “bandoning”. i asked if that was the word for it: “bandoning?” and he said “yes, bandoning” then he just shrugged and said he wouldn’t tell anyone. i mean it is my usual route and i just happened to be there, so i went on the trail off to the side with the racers for a bit just to see the really fast 10k runners out front and was careful to keep up and not get in anyone’s way. sometimes the best runners look like they are hardly making any effort at all! knowing it was supposed to be an easy and short day i backed off after a mile and just went home.

today was a cold morning run there. when i get out in the cold i am always reminded of why i go. the trees still have some color on them and the glassy water with the fog lifting off in the sunrise is more than pretty. the lake is a precious thing. such a beautiful spot in the middle of the city. i have heard it’s ice hissing in the winter and many times swam in the summer. while it does have algae and milfoil issues, i doubt there is a city anywhere who could keep a basin lake with no surface inlet or outlet as clean as green lake. there are lots of substrates to run on too. my runs there are usually a mix of asphalt, gravel path, concrete tiles and some single track. the soccer field is artificial spongy stuff that is nice to do a little speed work on and it’s all flat unless i go up to woodlands. on the way to woodlands there is a motocross track with a bunch of steep dirt mounds that are fun to run on when no one is around (when someone is it turns into another case of my being there solely for their amusement).


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