running in the dark

  they are silhouettes, the people who walk the path down at green lake in the darkness. they wear black and walk the path four abreast and there are hundreds of them. whole families who have devolved to the point where they dont realize that they actually exist in a physical world with others. after … More running in the dark

green lake

sorry ive been absent from this blog lately. call it writer’s block…or perhaps i am just trying to gather material which has been sparse. i hope everyone is getting chances to go outside in all kinds of weather. i have been running down at the lake a lot lately. last tuesday i ran down there during some intense … More green lake

Carkeek 6-hour

after a disappointing 35 miler in the Oregon cascades a month ago i set the bar low for this one. billed as the “toughest 6 hour out there” i planned to make sure i could do ten 2-mile laps and not hurt myself. i had some advantages though, one is that only a mile from … More Carkeek 6-hour