greenlake is creepy…and its because of me!

…or am i just paranoid that everyone else is paranoid? i swear i cant tell when people are on the phone or what but im NOT out there trying to pic up on anyone! an occasional footrace is different, you know it’s happening and you are going to lose it at least until i need a drink. well…most of the time anyway. hell i think i look creepy sometimes and i cant even see myself except in an occasional window. i really dont want to look. i was running through the trees on the grass as fast as i could without pain and then skipping back on to the path and there would be my competitor, having slowed thinking i was gone. my friend said once…i paraphrase, sorry Sean: “Young people don’t even believe that they will ever get old.” ya i guess im talking to you. no not you Sean, the girl at the lake haha. dont be so stuck up, im just out here trying to get a good workout. my lake! i did get a lot of smiles running fast by the girls xcountry team yelling “run!” as if being chased…and i was…

-by that girl.




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