pacing and fresh picked kale

a question that sticks in my mind about handling a 50k and up is how to pace it. i understand how experience plays a role but for me the jury is still out.

when i train i almost always run by feel. start slow, gradually build up and then at anywhere from 5 to 10 miles open it up a little barely looking at my watch or caring. in 2014 when i did the 7 hour run i ran like i normally do and did 38.2 miles. in 2015 when i ran it i deliberately went slower than i wanted to in the beginning and really watched my pace closely. i also got 38.2 miles on the exact same course both races on a warm, sunny day. i chalked it up to being stronger in 2014 but smarter in 2015. but was i really? i am still not entirely convinced that it’s not worth it to speed up when it feels easy and trade in some of that energy for pure enjoyment…and about energy: it’s the fresh kale, it’s like en energy bomb…and i mean just-picked. not grocery store kale. i dont think the old stuff has any nutritional value. fresh picked.DSC_0005-1


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