the urban vernacular…or lack thereof

one thing great about running is that i notice details. in the urban environment there is stuff everywhere and the interaction between the urban dweller and their environment is dynamic, particularly when one is on one’s feet and moving slowly. just like the reader of a book, viewer of a play or the audience at a concert we are all engaged and our environment changes with us. we move together. in my little part of the world i am pleased with the urban vernacular and the functionality of things and the way they move and change, but also occasionally surprised by something so small, so mundane, so completely impractical and yet so utterly perfect and transcendent in it’s beauty as to cause what Joyce termed aesthetic arrest. no i am not talking about the crazy guy sleeping on my driveway again or the constant buzzing of inventory control devices ripped from stolen booze scattered in the alleyway behind my house. this is something more special. i knew of this detail for some time but lost my original picture of it and have since been scanning for it only to give up thinking it had been taken down…or snipped off as it were. today just glancing up i saw it again and in my excitement pointed it out to another jogger looking crazy pointing at the sky: “look!”. it was funny to see his reaction. at first he looked at me like i was crazy but then looked up but didn’t notice it. I tried to point more directly at it: “look! …look at the wire!” then he saw it and grinned only slight hiding his own aesthetically arrested moment. we both took a pic and moved on. oh you want to see it too? ok.



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