who is john galt?

i used to supinate and now i pronate and sometimes have trouble finding the right shoes but hell if don trump is popular maybe im totally upside down. the name of the boat in the harbor wrestled from my mind certain beliefs that still hold sway. particularly the belief of non-belief…or more that pure center. i enjoyed the movie zero theorem because it’s about that. religion, politics work stuff and all. rand was just trash to me when i read it more than 30 years ago. why should i read it again? is there some magic punch line? i dont think so. some of my friends in high school were so gaga about it so i tried it. just like game of thrones many years later i labored through page after page of meaningless pulp. get to the point lady. it could be one page! it’s not that i enjoyed reading solzhenitsyn either but at least it was real and something worth looking at. with rand there seems to be no basis in reality. perhaps the soviet system but even if you assume everything tends that way it’s no reason to kill everything with the exact opposite, which interestingly enough, is the same goddamned thing! we live in a complex world and you know what they say about power and corruption. it goes both ways and clings to the edges. sorry to dis’ you there ms rand but you put yourself out there and i might as well call you L-ron. and to you, donald, dick and the owner of that boat here’s a message:




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