Pemigewasset River

i went running a little in NH on vacation. i did a very satisfying 14 miler in the white mountains in the wilderness area off the route 112. started at hancock overlook and ran not too steep but still challenging trail down to the pemigewasset river then back to the highway. the first part was sometimes a trail but mostly a stream bed. i am not sure why the trail seemed a little as the crow flies to me but my Dad says it’s because the trails in the west are mostly horse trails. i remember this from the hard way trail up mansfield in vermont years ago but back then i wasnt trying to run it. this time i did lots of walking over rocks of all sizes but mostly about the size of a case of beer bottles trying to hop and spring a little but a couple mile section was just too technical. trail to mud to rocks -uh-oh look back is this still the trail? almost sprang my ankle once and only saw three people in ten miles. when i got to the river i was planning on following a map i got at the chamber of commerce in Campton but the bridge was no more and i couldn’t find the trail on the other side…but it felt nice to sit on a rock with my legs in the river out there and decide what to do…and not another human within miles. anyway i took the east trail back and it was very nice. it felt really nice on my legs after all those rocks. passing a campground i noticed a sign indicating the bridge was out and the west side was inaccessible and that there has been a lot of bear activity. the campground was kinda stinky and i was wondering where all the campers were.


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