Max Topham

i was near the end of a long slow distance day (with massage at halfway) running the hills up and down phinney ridge on the numbered streets north from the zoo and a young german shorthair came right up to me as if to say “hey lets’s run!”. i couldnt tell if he was lost or on a walkabout but he wasnt being very safe in the street. i didnt have my glasses and there was no way i could read the collar so i led him over to the playground by the zoo to ask someone to read it. the dog and i ran over to the play area and some guy said “put him on a leash”. i said back to him “hey he’s not mine, he just got out and was running in the road”. the guy looked at me incredulously and shrugged kinda reminding me of the aliens in the movie “They Live”. i finally got the dog to come over and held him by the collar, took him over to a new Mom and she read “Max Topham” and the phone number on his tag. i called and the owner was at the flight museum but said he would stay with me if i led him home which was a few blocks away. for a while i got him to follow with whistles and hand signals surprised i still remember from hunting with dogs a few times when i was a kid, but then he took off up the hill toward phinney ears up like onto something. i kept calling him but he didnt come  but just looked back to me as if to get me to come with him this time so i just turned and headed back down towards his home. he finally followed just as i was giving up. when i got him back he obviously had no interest in going home but i put him in the back yard and closed the gate and started to go back up the hill to be greeted by who else but Max Topham who had come around the back through the other side. now he is reminding me of our german shorthair Baron. there are a lot of stories about Baron i could tell. according to my Dad he was a great hunting dog and they went on many hunts together but Baron didnt like living in the backyard and was always getting into trouble, esp with the neighbors who had a pestering beagle that Baron chewed up a few times. one time attempting to take him from phoenix to boston on a plane he got loose at the airport and was actually running around on the tarmac! the overhead page was for “the owners of a large dog”. poor Baron died on the 4th of july. he tore the fence down and got hit out on thunderbird road in phoenix in the early 1970’s. anyway i was really concerned about Max now. we were already running buddies. a neighbor also came up and we were discussing what to do. i finally tied him up to a hose in the yard, said a little sad goodbye and left him sitting in the yard with his ears still up like “let’s go!”. the owner texted me a thanks and expressed frustration not knowing what to do about him. my advice was to take him running.Baronmaxtopham

They Live haha. damn i love that movie, esp this scene:

then rowdy roddy tries to get his buddy to put on the glasses and what ensues is the greatest fight scene ever filmed. it is so great that south park did an episode just in it’s honor!


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