to get an idea of how hot it’s been this summer the all time record for days with highs over 90 in a year was 9. that is why no one, or hardly anyone, has ac. we just tough it out for a week if that. most of the time it doesnt even get to 90 at all. this year we have had 12 day over 90 and over 100 a couple of times. the hottest june and july on record and we are only half done with summer. we are just not used to it. that’s why i almost passed out today. i had to work extra messing up my training schedule and vacation next week will likely do more damage so i had to go out at 4:30 and be back by 5:30 so ML can go to work (she works the graveyard shift. 12 hours 7pm to 7am in the icu at harborview. now that’s an ultra every night!)…anyway so i busted out with a one mile warmup to gl and then around once as fast as i can and then cooldown back up the hill. when i got home i stepped on the wood chips in my yard, closed the gate and suddenly felt enveloped by heat like i was in an oven. i had to tell myself to breathe. i managed to get in the house and douse my head in cool tap water. it took a while to cool down in a still hot house. gotta remember to move more slowly!


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