on one’s feet

sometimes i think i have a gigantic or ballooning aura. today i was running around a corner and an old guy about 30 feet away saw me and recoiled back as if he was run into by something. but there was nothing and it was either an insanely slowthenquick reflex or a goof, in which case it’s brilliant. almost as good as the rope trick we used to do as kids. if a car was coming and a lot of us were hanging out we’d get at least one per side but more is better and pretend to be hoisting up an cable. im still proud of that move. was thinking about Will Self the author who wrote a book called “Psychogeography” (two and a half stars on amazon) with illustrations by Ralph Steadman which gives it a Hunteresque quality. anyway it’s the idea of being on one’s feet as much as possible and it can be a lot lot more than we think. car to bus to train to plane to can tocartohouse to car to work to car. if one deliberately makes it a personal goal to walk say from Heathrow to …wherever he lives in the london area or from (was it?) JFK (hey i might read it again) to manhattan for a conference. i love it. i actually tried it last year visiting my friend in huntington beach for a couple of days. it was a lot of fun because i wanted to hoof the whole thing. 17 miles from long beach airport and so so many things to see. the underpass under 405 being one of the more interesting parts. i actually had a nice time esp down on the beach trying to minimize camber. ok there was one part where i would be running on a sidewalk next to a wall (i know i deserve it) when i took a cab for about one mile. anyway i found a hotel and Heather and Rob were kind enough to loan us a couple of bikes. i went to the local bike shop and bought a big fat super cushiony seat and hooked it on the kid’s motocross bike and sean was riding a ten speed. that was pretty fun riding around on that thing. i felt like a kid again just a little bit. anyway i didnt drive at all but i did ride in Heather’s car when she drove us down and back from getting drunk. ok i was a little drunk. Sean was just maudlin. cheers!



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