running this evening i tried to draw a picture with the gps watch on the soccer field. it’s supposed to be a face. it didnt turn out very good & i will try again soon. there is something really nice about running and i feel very strong except for my damned flexors and i am … More zendo

who is john galt?

i used to supinate and now i pronate and sometimes have trouble finding the right shoes but hell if don trump is popular maybe im totally upside down. the name of the boat in the harbor wrestled from my mind certain beliefs that still hold sway. particularly the belief of non-belief…or more that pure center. … More who is john galt?

Pemigewasset River

i went running a little in NH on vacation. i did a very satisfying 14 miler in the white mountains in the wilderness area off the route 112. started at hancock overlook and ran not too steep but still challenging trail down to the pemigewasset river then back to the highway. the first part was … More Pemigewasset River

it’s true but i cant reference paranoid delusions except to mention the truman show

but these events really happened. i am just asking why. i know i know. It wa back in june. i signed up for a couple of short trail races in local parks that I often run. the first one was an 8k in ravenna park the second was in carkeek. this story is about the first … More it’s true but i cant reference paranoid delusions except to mention the truman show

Max Topham

i was near the end of a long slow distance day (with massage at halfway) running the hills up and down phinney ridge on the numbered streets north from the zoo and a young german shorthair came right up to me as if to say “hey lets’s run!”. i couldnt tell if he was lost … More Max Topham


to get an idea of how hot it’s been this summer the all time record for days with highs over 90 in a year was 9. that is why no one, or hardly anyone, has ac. we just tough it out for a week if that. most of the time it doesnt even get to … More hot

on one’s feet

sometimes i think i have a gigantic or ballooning aura. today i was running around a corner and an old guy about 30 feet away saw me and recoiled back as if he was run into by something. but there was nothing and it was either an insanely slowthenquick reflex or a goof, in which … More on one’s feet