Green Lake

it’s wednesday and DD is at camp and i am rested so a long-ish run is in order…(for me short is up to 7, medium 7 to 15 and long >15) but my legs dont want to move. rest kills me every time and it’s hard to get started after a day off. today it took about 7 miles before i felt good enough to do a couple of .5 mile fartleks. maybe this is an age thing. like an old motor: don’t let it sit… or is it the heat? gl is nice though. i know it’s a popular spot and there are lots of people but i wont let anyone take away the fact that it’s a great place to run just for pure leg pumping pleasure (and i dont have to drive there!). you’ve got a nice multi use path of asphalt for 2.8 and crushed gravel on the outside for 3.2. there are also a few game trails through the grass that i like and it’s all nice and flat. there are also water fountains that work! the inner asphalt section is where most of the people are. i rarely see anyone doing speed work down there but i dont really understand why because it’s ideal. no stop signs, no cars and nothing to impede one’s progress except for the occasional dog on a long leash or stray toddler and they are easy enough to leap. there’s a man who sits on a bench on the west side for the past year or two who always seems to be there. he is reddened from the sun. all his stuff is there in a cart and there is a stench about 20 feet in diameter around the area. i see him every time i am down there but haven’t ever spoken to him. he looks like some kind of american sadhu but i think he has health problems and needs to get cleaned up. today he was lying near the bench face down in the grass and i got a look at his legs they look like he has vascular issues and maybe nec fasc…but i run into so many crazies and as my neighbor says “dont feed the wildlife”.

but on the flip side sometimes on rare occasions ill get to see someone who runs really beautifully…like today. that’s always inspiring. 14.7 total blasting the last mile down the bike lane on phinney/gwd. is it ok to run in the bike lane?



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