i miss real maps

in an effort to figure out what aggravates my legs the least while providing the best workout and prep for upcoming races (hm,50k,6 hour,50m) ive been cutting out certain things. the focus last week has been on hills and trails without any ST or speed work (see previous post downward revision). this took me to tiger mountain on saturday where i have trained before. my intention was to run on the flat sections of the tradition plateau after fridays hillfest at carkeek. this was not to be. the gun range was active and i wanted to get away from it because every time i heard a shot my body would involuntarily jump. this does not make for pleasant running so i took a trail i hadn’t been on that went the other way. it said “poo-poo point”. after about three miles and about 2000 feet i was feeling done with hill training but had to get back down. a sign indicated a trail to the left said “railroad”. considering railroads are usually built on the flattest sections i turned there to go back to issaquah. the trail was a little narrow but i knew i didnt want to go back down the poo poo trail. after about a mile the trail was appearing and disappearing in the overgrowth which was brushing my legs and arms and getting me all soaked. i started to get scared because i didnt know if i was even still on the trail but then it would widen for a bit and i would stumble on. but the previous day’s events still fresh in my memory (see carkeek post) and not having followed a friend’s advice to put a find me app on my phone and not knowing where i was and having lost my glasses in the bushes so google maps was useless i tried to go back but lost the trail again so i turned back around to try to go on and surged forward just hoping i wasnt going to scare a bear or cougar (they can smell fear you know). finally after a few miles i came to a junction that turned left that pointed to “high school trail” which is where i started. there was a hiker there and i warned her about the railroad trail and she asked me astounded: “did you run that?”. “uh…i tried” i replied and stumbled almost straight down on burnt quads and back to town. where i still had one big hill to contend with to get to back to my bro-in law’s house and a nice dinner and family who think i am insane. that was saturday. sunday was 8 easy flat miles and monday i did another 8 miles of hills in carkeek. today is tuesday and my legs are a little sore but not stinging and the rest of me is just fine. it seems i am responding much better to hills as compared to speed. perhaps i should just focus on the ultra training now and just run the half as best i can. the 50k (www.wheerun.com) on october 3rd will be an out and back with 3000 feet gain over about 18 miles. i think it’s more like a 60k…and im gonna get a real map for this one


One thought on “i miss real maps

  1. Great post. Sorry about your glasses and agree they can smell fear! Felt like I was right there with you as I read. It’s hard to balance ultras with anything requiring speed (at least for me).

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