downward revision


trying tempo again but ive been feeling very low energy lately and dont know what it is. maybe it’s the heat or a virus or maybe it’s doubt. ha maybe it’s the tempos! i am pretty sure its physiological but there is no other symptom. i just feel tired and out of shape. placing last year’s 10k time in the mcmillan calculator was a bad idea. last year i was stronger and now my aim is too high. my left leg is hurting too, just like the right side did last year that led to a stress fracture and 12 weeks off. on nearly the same spot too, but it’s still tendon. i dont think the periosteum is inflamed. i am also pretty sure it’s speedwork that aggravates it most. anyway today i went to gl and ran a 7 flat 2.8. was going to go for 5.6 miles but my leg was acting up so i slowed down by 1.5 minutes to finish out a medium run. total day was 11.42 miles at 8:22. the leg soreness just comes and goes. it seems worse at the beginning though and calms down at the end.

i think i should either drop my goal time at 1:40 (7:37) or switch to the 4 mile race. i got 3rd AG in it last year and won a piranha beer glass….*sigh* this is sad. i am getting old. i dont like fatigue and we need a change in the weather.


2 thoughts on “downward revision

  1. Oh, don’t get down. You’re fast and not old. I think you should just do the half and see how it goes, then register for another one and fine tune. You will hit 1:40 no problem.


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