objectification schmectification

a little time to write something…anything. another 10 today. having to take 3 rest days lately forces me to do no short runs but i think this is a good mix-up. i get the rest days anyway. the legs, particularly the left one, are quite sore starting out esp. the day after some hills…but they loosen up over distance. the right hamstring is acting up a little at speed. i like this poem my friend wrote (sorry Sean the quote here is not indented properly):


In the blood-track
dirt pulls tribute
exhales ghosts
we leave
traces of
dust undone
by valleys:
our sorrowful
meat: machines
making souls.

Inside the bottle-
babies pull spirits,
new in heat
the chest suppurating
lines leach pages
of poem. All lovers
must be  broken
and blessed.

A poor drunk,
I remember    the thread
to the many men
I have been.”

-M Sean Bolton

…anyway i ran up to starbucks today and there was a huge line so i got a coffee on the way home at the bikini place and the lady there was really nice and pulled a perfect shot and there was no line. objectification schmectification


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