week ending sunday 7-12-15

sunday report: weekly miles 48.06 pace 9:44. mileage might be a bit aggressive at this time because they were hilly miles. today’s run for example is pictured below. dns’ed a local trail race last week. i actuallly totally forgot about it. we were busy watching the gold cup.

signed up for some races. got a flat and hopefully fast half in sept, a 50k in the mountains oct3 “Willamette headwaters endurance” according to ultrasignup. a difficult 6-hour race 10-31 at carkeek park (also pictured below). and the san diego trail 50M in January. that’s about all i can afford and/or get away with. i know they will all be challenging in their own way. at this point my main goals are to nail the half and survive the rest. ordered some hoka challengers and an ultimate direction ak race vest. i will probably return the vest but wanted to try it out. am finding this hot summer that too much time spent holding a water bottles keeps my arms less active than i want them to be. one thing that has been helping me a lot lately is to put the roller on the table and really dig it into my adductors. it is mildly obscene but anything that will loosen up those big tendons is worth the embarrassment.



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