moran state park 2010

it was a mistake. riding around in moran state park in the campground. i had an arbor blunt and zero skills. this is no drop-deck. it’s actually the opposite really…anyway looking at the slope it seemed fine with a lot of runoff or room to air brake but then it got real sketchy just as i was past runoff speed – did i mention there was a whole group campsite full of teenage neer-do-wells and short-bussers right by me? there were about 50 of them all fixed on me to make this move – i then new that the gravel was too deep and coarse and couldnt be ridden so i attempted a runoff. the feeling is burned into memory. it’s the feeling of trying to have long and quick enough strides to match how fast i was going. too fast. going down onto my left shoulder in a half-assed attempted roll. the sholder didnt yield. it dug in. like a car crash straight into the ground…well sort of at an angle but straight into my rotator cuff. ow. owowow. ok breathe. all i can hear is uproarious laughter. ok well at least it was worth something. someone said “hey are you ok? and i put a hand up and stood up painfully and limped away. oh man i dont know why i wrote this. i can still feel it after a long day.



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