Hoka don’t leave me!

i love my cliftons. i have five pairs! even with the narrow toebox i will sacrifice my toenails or cut a slit in the shoe! i just tried on the new ones and they felt like skateboard shoes! nooooo! Hoka you said you loved me and i was prepared to stick with you but then you went and changed! why? why the !@#$ would you do that? it’s like the new mini coopers! WHY! you are being so stupid! what can i do now? ill have to go back to brooks or aasics! my legs are going to die!


2 thoughts on “Hoka don’t leave me!

  1. You can probably find cheap pairs the old ones on Runners Warehouse. Stock up, and maybe by the time you run out, they’ll have fixed it. There was a model of ASICS that I always got, and then they had a version that everyone agreed sucked, and then they fixed it again. Maybe that will happen here too.


    1. thanks i took a look there. still $130. i can get them at REI during their seasonal sales events. guess id better stock up. BTW they opened up the Burke-Gilman by campus. finally!


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