7-4-2015 my beach!

so…how do i write this…um well i went on a jog in the hottest part of the day yesterday after a long day at work. it was about 90 out and i usually include a water feature when its this hot, so i went down to puget sound where the water is nice and cold. i jog down to the beach at carkeek probably 50 times a year…ALL YEAR. most of the time there is no one there. anyway i guess the heat has brought out some other folks. am i beating around the bush? ok so anyway i went down there on the nice trail in the shade of the ravine and then went out on the footbridge that goes over the train tracks to look down in the water for a good spot to swim a little. it was high tide and there was a ton of seaweed in the water all broken up and gooey except over by where the tracks get close to the water and it’s rocky so i went over there. there was a guy sitting on a log looking out at the water that i passed to get to the water. i got in and cooled off. it felt so nice. i love to go in cold water every chance i get. ill even swim in the ocean in oregon and washington without a wet suit. the colder the water on a hot day the better. anyway so i cooled off and got out and when i was getting my stuff together the guy on the log yelled something to me but i coudn’t hear so i cupped my ear and went a little closer. he looked to be in his 40’s, sunburned and tan and a little buff with blond hair and a thick mustache with little curly-q’s on the ends. “wanna fuck?” he asked loudly. i was like: “WHAT???”…”wanna fuck?” he reiterated. “ummm no thanks. im just cooling off”. “Then why did you come over here?”. I tried to explain how there was less seaweed over there and he said “Oh, well I thought you came over here because you want to fuck”. I again said “no thanks” and was on my way. Now i am left with all sorts of new emotions about this. First of all i am straight. Not a six pack away or whatever just plain old straight. No hangups, no judgments, i love what the SCOTUS decided last month but just fully, fixedly and permanently on the straight team as they say, but it did make me feel strange because this sort of promiscuity hasn’t been directed towards me for a long time. Ya i used to cycle a lot and capitol hill was on the way to work and i wore bike shorts etc but that was sort of expected there (i actually eventually started to bike in less comfortable non-bike wear just because i didn’t like getting jeered at). But not on my favorite beach! Not on my family beach! …and NOT AT ME!!! i mean wtf? i am old and wretched and now i feel like and old wretched piece of meat!


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