first ever first…ever!

from 10-19-2014

sooo… this is sort of a race report because something weird happened. today was the UW Husky Dawg Dash 5k/10k. i was running the course pre-race to warm up and noticed the cones leading up to a dead-end not matching the map and told some of the volunteers. fortunately they fixed it by race time, but missed some other spots. it is getting aggravating how poorly marked these local races are. anyway i was in the 5k and set up near the seven-flat pace with a goal of 20:00. i dont want to be one of those ppl way ahead of my pace and slowing everyone else down. the route snakes around campus with a long downhill and then gentle rolling up. there was a clot of runners at a 6 pace about 50 yards ahead of me at about 3k that suddenly got confused in unmarked area with paths going all which way & thought they were going the wrong way. i thought they originally went the right way but i got scared and followed them after they doubled back because everone else did the same as the field near me got more dense. i think we ran more than 5k cos it felt way faster…it sure felt like it. oh well. 20:03. got a blue ribbon for 40-49 at 49! i won the geezers!


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