leg injury from 12-2014 to update on 7-1-14

about my legs. well in december i had upped my miles to >60 per week and was still doing some speed work in the form of what i call fartleks. it’s a general term i believe. then i got a lot of pain in my right inner tibia right in the inner edge just above the ankle. i got an mri and it showed a stress reaction and sort-of-fuzzy kinda beginnings of a fracture. so i did a short plan since i had a fifty planned in april. it was an aggressive approach of stationary bike and weights for 6 weeks and then going right back to three milers and it did not work. i got a referral for PT and went there for a few weeks. again i wasnt the best patient and did too much too soon but in conversations with the PT and self analysis i discovered that i wasnt really having a problem with the bone. it was just reacting to the soft tissue problems. namely severe tendinitis in the flexor digitalis longus and the flexor hallucis longus and perhaps also the tibialis posterior tendon. it’s already 12 weeks on by this point and the fifty is off the table. i was still going to try to walk it but then the race was cancelled due to the RD’s personal reasons. i wasnt really too mad about it because i was going to go to the place where the race was being held anyway. i will show up on race day at start time and run part of the course. so then i diecided to get ART based on some suggestions in a forum by actual runners. it’s a more aggressive type of PT. hey i can endure some pain if it gets me out of this damned rut so i tried it. i am writing this post jog the day after a first treatment. it did something i think, but i also realized that since i had discovered the problem the PT told me not to clench my toes. i had been focusing on this but then my arches started to give way and my whole form was messed up. FUCK! ok so today when i went for a jog and went ahead and tried a variety of speeds just working the flexor right through the pain. it’s not too sore after but i am icing it. ice is nice.

ok now it’s another day and just finished the second round of ART followed by a 4.5 miler with brief fartleks in the 6’s & 7’s. i am still working on engaging the hips and upper legs more and when i can it takes a big load off down below. i’d say the speed only hurts a little bit worse than going slow. am sore after & icing again. the pain is now equal in both legs.

this was originally written back in April 2015. now it’s July and i want to update the progress. i continued to get ART sessions at least once a week until June and now once about every two weeks. the way i understand it is that there are places where adhesions form on the tibia (imagine a chicken leg bone where the meat adheres along the ridge)…and when Dr Curt does the ART he is breaking that up allowing the muscle to achieve full extension without hurting the bone. i did a 38 mile 7-hour race on May 30 (see RR) and it didnt bother me at all during that race although it usually comes and goes when running and only very occasionally the pain becomes what i would call sharp. i have also done some shorter faster races and have gone back to doing some speed work. the speed work definitely aggravates it more but not to the point of sharp pain. i also stopped icing and it seems to heal on it’s own a lot better but there is this weird 48-hour DOMS cycle.


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