Green Lake

it’s wednesday and DD is at camp and i am rested so a long-ish run is in order…(for me short is up to 7, medium 7 to 15 and long >15) but my legs dont want to move. rest kills me every time and it’s hard to get started after a day off. today it … More Green Lake

i miss real maps

in an effort to figure out what aggravates my legs the least while providing the best workout and prep for upcoming races (hm,50k,6 hour,50m) ive been cutting out certain things. the focus last week has been on hills and trails without any ST or speed work (see previous post downward revision). this took me to … More i miss real maps


jogged down to carkeek this evening and got on a little side trail i hadnt been on and it kept getting smaller and steeper and muddier until i was just scrambling through nettles and blackberries just trying to get brief footholds. the nettles do get a little rise out of me though…i mean extra pain … More carkeek

downward revision

7-22-15 trying tempo again but ive been feeling very low energy lately and dont know what it is. maybe it’s the heat or a virus or maybe it’s doubt. ha maybe it’s the tempos! i am pretty sure its physiological but there is no other symptom. i just feel tired and out of shape. placing … More downward revision