evasive tactics

ok there is something that has really been bugging me. i mean there are a lot of ridiculous things people do that bug me but lately this one stands out. when i am out jogging i usually pass many people, mostly pedestrians and they have this odd behavior. when people hear me coming they will suddenly shift to the right or left without looking. this happens in about one in four times i pass someone…it even happens during a race! is this an instinctive behavior left over from when we regularly evaded predators? does a sudden shift in a random direction somehow tip the odds in your favor? of what is left over now i am considering that we have completely physiologically devolved as a species into some kind of slow-moving turnip-like-gelatin. when i am coming up from behind are you imagining me lunging for your throat only to whiff giving you enough time to defend? perhaps this falls into the same category as when some new parents see me coming they will actually act to scoop their children up or gather them close as if i were going to pick one of them up and carry them off. the result of all this, of course is that i will take the long way around so that there is zero chance we will touch. doing this emphasizes your poor senses and slow reactions as you suddenly stagger just after i have passed ten feet to your right or your left (at about 6 mph).


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