training-wise this week was optimal and i ran about 38 easy miles with 2 trips to the gym for strength training. i am focusing more on lower body but also working upper in fast supersets. my legs still hurt on a regular 48-hour doms schedule but no sharp pain. i also lost the fourth of the five toenails on my right foot. i really like not having them. i also signed up for a 50k in Oregon in October. it at the Willamette headwaters area in the southern cascades. i think early october will be ideal.

the last couple of days have been interesting. sat. i got fascinated following the western states 100 mile foot race and watching splits and reports etc thinking that these people are like sadhus in their asceticism and extreme self-discipline. to be so confident that you always truly believe you can get even better to the point of running this race i can’t help but have reverence.

now that it’s summer and the tides are lower, i like going down to puget sound to get my feet sandblasted. today i had a really nice run at slack tide out in puget sound. i am hoping it’s a good drill to run in shallow water to get my knees up and flexors & glutes involved more because it is also a great way to cool off. today i saw a young eagle and lots of herons. i like running near them and believe i can scare the tiny sculpins their way. one heron had landed up on the beach about 30 feet away and was watching me. i slowed my gait and he started walking. we walked side by side for a while until he decided to take off. when that happened i sped up only to be met by a little terrier running alongside me in the anlke-deep water. she just wanted to have some fun but her master kept calling her back. i ran with her for a while and then decided to turn back so she would go to her human. running back towards the owner i wondered what she thought but all i could think of was there are always dogs down there looking for someone to run with and to have some fun!

DSCF0841 06-28-15


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