bad craziness

i know why everyone seems to be on edge. i feel it too. this c19 epidemic has affected everyone in one way or another. one thing it does for sure is exacerbate already existing problems. ive been out of work since November and got a job offer back in early February. it would be perfect … More bad craziness

Needles 50k

my body feels fine today but my attitude is grumpy. ah! perfect time for a report! first i want to write something about my training. i almost always run from home so i am proud of myself for that. i dont want to drive anywhere if it’s just for training. just because i dont have … More Needles 50k

Capitol Peak 30K

2 days before the race we got an email indicating no headphones allowed and i was ready to dns after already dropping to the shorter distance. i wrote the RD and told him: feedback FYI, you should publish all event rules and restrictions on the signup page rather than 2 days before the event. i … More Capitol Peak 30K