crazy lady

so today i was jogging down at green lake main path (counter-clockwise) and saw a man and a woman yelling at each other by the tennis courts. the man was yelling “get away from me!” and the woman was apparently doing some kind of hex with her hands. i stopped to listen. the woman wouldnt … More crazy lady

no marathon?

how i am feeling about MP? bad. very bad. the amount of effort required for me to run MP right now is only a little bit less than HMP. i think it acually has something to do with cadence and my stride mechanics. there is something that kicks in around 7:30 that hasnt kicked in … More no marathon?

Lisa and Sarah

omg i am such a dunce! so dd had a bday party here today and parents are stopping by to pick up the kids. i am talking to Rich, whom i know fairly well. we’ve had dinners together and such and then Sarah walks up. i know Sarah too! i feel like i know her … More Lisa and Sarah

Cottontail 6 Hour

Cottontail 6-Hour 4-15-2017 Final result: 15 laps or 28.9 miles about 6500′ vert. and a 1st place in the 6. not a PR but the best i could do. This was the afternoon version of the 6 (1pm to 7pm – they have another 6 in the am with both synching up with the 12-hour). … More Cottontail 6 Hour